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Uni-Resort Introduction


        The Uni-Resort is a multi-location resort operated by Tung Ho Development Co., Ltd. under the Uni-President Enterprise Group. Taking ¡§the whole family to enjoy health and leisure¡¨ as its theme, the Uni-Resort creates a new outlook on health and leisure as well as perfect places to refresh and rejuvenate. Each of its resorts has a distinct theme and feature to ensure that your body and mind are fully relaxed in beautiful surroundings. The Uni-Resort not only offers fun at your leisure life, but also helps with bonding and harmony among your family. 

        In the future, the Uni-Resort will adhere to the operating philosophy and culture of the Uni-President Enterprise Group¡X¡§upright, diligent, innovative and aspirational¡¨¡Xand strive to provide consumers with high quality of services and better vacation experiences. 

All businesses need to invest on team building and staff morale.

        Taking your team away from the daily grind to an outstanding location without ringing telephones, e-mail requests and an ever-expanding to do list can work wonders when it comes to strengthening your staff's teamwork abilities and developing them professionally.

With superb conference facilities, team building courses and grounds with lots of space, the Uni-Resort provides the ideal locations for team building events and activities. You will be able to enjoy our customer service, warm hospitality and extensive facilities in peace as you offer your team an unforgettable day or weekend away from the office.


Hsinchu: Mawutu Vacation and Convention Center
Taichung: Kukuan Hot Spring Health Club
Lukang: Lukang Culture and Creation Club
Pingtung: Kenting Ocean Paradise

Come to any Uni-Resort and take wonderful holiday memories home!

The Logo of Uni-Resort


LOGO         Inspired by flowers, leaves and butterflies in nature, the logo conveys the essential spirit of the Uni-Resort: Be close to nature and respect life. This concept has been integrated into the abbreviation of the Uni-Resort, i.e. UR. The CI image looks like a pair of hands holding things, symbolizing the Uni-Resort providing consumers with the most thoughtful services whole-heartedly. The logo also reminds us of butterfly wings flapping upward, symbolizing continuous growth and accumulating energy. The left and right wings stand for mutual care, mutual assistance and cooperation as well as our expectation to offer a healthy and pleasant life of leisure through our excellent management and cooperation.

Contact Us


2F., No.6, Sec. 3, Shuangshi Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL:+886 2 8258 2788

Mawudu  +886 3 547 8888   Guguan  +886 4 2595 0000   Lukang  +886 4 775 6386   Kenting  +886 8 885 1088